Smoke Alarm Installation - Gold Coast

If you are buying a new home in the Gold Coast area or if your existing home is not equipped with a smoke alarm or a certain prescribed numbers of smoke alarms, then do so immediately as it is mandatory. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advocate that all houses and residences in the Gold Coast should be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms.

What are smoke alarms? Smoke alarms are devices that help detect smoke and the alarm is automatically activated when smoke is detected in a residence. Its basic function is smoke detection on account of fire and thus alerts the people in the house in time. This is a very useful and must-install device as it alerts the residents and gives them enough time to get out of the house in the event of a fire, blaze or an explosion. In fact, reports suggest that if a smoke alarm is properly installed in your home, it reduced death in a house fire by more than 50%.

Smoke alarms come with a lot of benefits, which include:

A smoke alarm is very loud and can lead to quick action response on an immediate basis. This gives residents the change to either attempt to put out the fire or try and prevent its spread to neighbouring houses or buildings. In fact, even before we can smell or detect smoke, a smoke alarm would alert us.

If a house is fitted with a couple of smoke alarms, then the smoke alarm can exactly pinpoint where the fire originated and together with the loud alarm, it really helps people evacuate and take action to contain the fire.

During a fire, smoke rises upwards, therefore the smoke alarm installed in the roof helps detect it instantly. Thus early detection alerts the residents in time, gives them room to think and act accordingly and also help evacuate their loved ones and alert the fire department about the fire outbreak.

Because of the noise and sound of the alarm, they can be heard anywhere in the house. The loud pitched noise is definitely attention-grabbing and is made in such a way so as to help people escape and remove themselves from the building immediately.

Smoke alarms help save lives and at times properties. Therefore, it is very important that we have to have them regularly maintained, checked, cleaned, tested and replace, as they go a long way in protecting our lives and life is precious.

If your home has smoke alarms, check them to be sure that they are clean, test them and install new batteries when needed. If your home doesn’t have smoke alarms, invest the money needed to purchase and install them, your life is worth it.

For smoke alarm inspection testing, smoke detection, installation, replacement and repair in your house or properties that is sited anywhere in and around the Gold Coast areas, reach out to Shaun Mills Electricals, your dependable smoke alarm installation specialist.

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